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Welcome to Yoga Gem LLC

A full service yoga center, Yoga Gem’s mission is to deliver excellent yoga at value pricing to all students, regardless of experience level or body type. Classes are leveled to gently encourage beginning students and to challenge and cultivate the practice of more seasoned yoga practitioners.  


Located at 4923 Carmichael Road, Yoga Gem, LLC is just a little over a mile off I-85 from the Perryhill Road exit or the Eastern Boulevard exit. map


Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for class. Avoid eating two hours before class. Do not wear perfume or scented lotions to yoga class. As you enter the studio, look for the benches and remove your shoes and place them on the shoe rack at the door. Please check in at the desk to the left of the door. There are cubbies for your bags and jackets. Place your mat in the yoga room and go get the props you will need. First time here? Let us know and we will give you a tour.

New to Yoga?

Yoga Gem encourages students who have never studied yoga with an instructor to sign up for a beginning session under the  “BEGINNERS”  tab at the top of our classes/schedule page and start at the beginning of the session.  These 5 week classes are smaller and geared toward helping students develop good habits early in the yoga practice.

What to Wear and Bring?

Wear comfortable clothes that do not ride up or down.  Make sure you can move about easily.  Mats are available but after a few classes students usually prefer to bring their own mat.

Which Class? 

Space is available in any class you wish to attend except for the beginning classes which have limited entry to insure all new students get all the basics.  Unsure which class is best for you?  Look at the descriptions under the class tab or call us at 334-202-2305.

How Do I Pay?

For your convenience, you may pay with a credit card in advance on our web site. If you prefer to pay with cash check or credit when you get here, that is fine.

We have three simple payment plans

  • $15 for a one time “drop in”
  • 5 passes for $60 which is $12 a class: expires in 60 days
  • One month of unlimited classes for $85

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a 3-5 thousand year old system of using postures (called asana) and breath (called pranayama) to yolk the mind and body together.  Breathing techniques along with the postures gives students an experience of working with relaxed effort (according to Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras).  From the perspective of biology, we would say the yoga student practice is being  in the parasympathetic nervous system, as opposed to being on red alert in the sympathetic nervous system.   At Yoga Gem we hope students will learn to experience the art and science of relaxed effort both on and off the yoga mat.

Yoga Gem LLC    4923 Carmichael Rd.  Montgomery AL 36106    334-202-2305