Yoga Gem is located on Mulberry Street on the corner of Mulberry Street and Clubview Street in the old “Doll House”.

Yoga Gem has implemented procedures consistent with the Centers for Disease and the Alabama Department of Public health to maintain a safe practice environment. Safe guarding the health of our students and the larger Montgomery community has always been a prime goal of our yoga studio. Because guidelines change and are being updated frequently, please wear a mask into the building and use hand sanitizer at the desk. Other requirements will be updated as information changes. You are welcome to email or call 334-202-2305 for the most up-to-date requirements for practicing yoga to improve health and wellbeing at Yoga Gem.

Yoga Gem wants you to come with the body you have. We are committed to making yoga accessible to anyone who wish to take classes. The studio is accessible for those who use assistive devices such as canes and walkers. The bathrooms and doorways are complaint with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). There are ADA marked parking places for those who need a cub cut, and other parking close to the door.

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About Yoga Gem

Yoga Gem was established in 2013 to deliver excellent yoga at value pricing to all students, regardless of experience level or body type.Classes are leveled to gently encourage beginning students and to challenge and cultivate the practice of more seasoned yoga practitioners. If you are unsure of the best entry point for you call us at 334 202 2305 for recommendations.Classes are filled with students of all ages and body types working to feel better and to be healthier.  The teachers and students at Yoga Gem mindfully work to create an environment that is welcoming to everyone. Click here to see the full class schedule and class descriptions. You may schedule on line, or simply drop by for a class. As always, come with the body you have.Learn more about our classes HERE.

Learn more about our classes HERE.

FAQ about attending yoga Gem

What do I need to know about practicing yoga at Yoga Gem:

  1. What do I wear?
    1. Comfortable clothes that don’t ride up or down
    2. Shoes and socks are removed upon entering the studio
    3. Please do not wear perfume, cologne, scented lotions
  2. What is the class like?
    1. Every teacher is different, but most teachers begin with a “quieting breathe and centering” at the beginning of class
    2. Next, students begin increasingly difficult yoga poses called asana
    3. Class progressing to a peak pose
    4. Students begin some cooling back down poses
    5. Each session always end with a final relaxation pose called savasana.
  3. Should I eat before coming?
    1. It is recommended you eat 3-4 hours before yoga so the belly is empty
    2. If you must eat closer to class consider a light meal or snack
  4. What if my cell phone rings?
    1. Place your phone on silence please, this gives the entire class the luxury of unplugging from the electronic world for an hour
  5. What should I bring?
    1. Beginners mind – Yoga is your own experience, so come without expectations
    2. A yoga mat and a blanket or beach towel
  6. How do I pay?
    1. Cash, check, credit and debit cards are taken
    2. We prefer you pay on line
    3. Check or cash at the studio
    4. When you sign up automatic payments will be applied towards your credit card
    5. There is no contractual time obligation past the first month to continue coming
      1. You can disenroll on the web site
      2. You can email and let us know you will not be continuing and we will discontinue auto pay
  7. What if I am late?
    1. Yoga is a discipline, and those who arrive on time can settle into their bodies to begin a centered and calming practice
    2. We recommend you arrive 10 minutes early, set up your mat and props so you are ready to begin on time.
    3. Teachers lock the doors when class starts. This is for everyone’s safety
    4. If you are late, you may come in QUIETLY and SLOWLY and join the class
    5. If lateness is a habit, your teacher may say something to you after class about arriving on time